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The Deanship of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences holds a meeting with the faculty

Under the patronage of the Dean of the College (Prof. Dr. Qasem Mohammed Hassan Al-Khakani) and in the presence of the assistants of the Dean and the heads of the branches, the meeting started with the speech of the Dean of the College. Greetings to all the teachers, thanking the efforts exerted by the professors, the examination committees and the supervisors. (2018-2017). The Dean of the College stated that the aim of the meeting is to listen to your observations and diagnose the problems facing the educational process in our college during the academic year (2018-2017) and find the necessary solutions to serve our students.

Dear Al-Khakani stressed the need to update curricula and develop the new academic year (2019-2018) and publish lectures on the website (Ibn Sina) and focus on the diversity of methods and methods of teaching, which aims to deliver good information to students, adding to work in accordance with ministerial and university directives Video educational lectures as well as images and modern means to serve the process of education and maintain the scientific level of students and prepare them scientifically rigorous numbers

, And then opened the door of discussion and dialogue by the teaching staff on the points mentioned. The Dean of the College listened to the views and suggestions of the teachers on the progress of the educational process and was written and committed to provide all possible efforts to solve them. Dr. Ayman Hani Al-Jubouri expressed his readiness to extend a helping hand in downloading the lectures electronically on the site of Ibn Sina and all that is needed by the six students on the site to serve our dear students,



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