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Believe God Almighty
    The Faculty of Physical Education of the newly established colleges in the skies of the University of Kufa came developed a quantum leap in the integration of the image in the needs of the Iraqi society, especially Najafi cadres promote community development and progress towards it ... where it meets the desires of young people who respond to serve their country as the requests Sports constitute an important nerve in the lives of Iraqi society, whether in the schools at the level of the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Youth or sports clubs as well as civil society organizations concerned with youth welfare and has attached the University of Kufa and clear interest, especially in recent years through the initiation of construction projects related to College of classrooms and playgrounds and indoor base and will witness the coming years, willing, after the initial given by the President of the university in the construction of the main site of the Faculty of either the college staff and students know at the present time through a commitment to attendance and set up various activities designed to integrate with the scientific movement that it is now the University of Kufa, as well as for the purpose of engaging the community in order to achieve the desired objectives for the purpose of setting touches evident in the construction of Iraqi society, hoping to Bari Almighty to guide us in Sbouapl march of higher education in our beloved Iraq service.


Prof. Dr. Qasem Mohammed Hassan Al-Khakani



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