Rules and regulations

General Conditions of the offer

1-Iraqi nationality

2-a successful medical examination in accordance with the conditions of each study and the right to a blind student who meets the conditions of application for Humanitarian Studies appropriate file through the Central Admissions

3-full-time study , it is not permissible to combine job and study in colleges and institutes morning and includes employees of government institutions and requires in Astmarathm study study to get a vacation from their constituencies in accordance with the instructions window

4-allows to branches graduates ( scientific , literary and professional ) for two semesters ( former ) , which does not appear to them to accept the current Central and to apply for direct admission channels and according to the controls listed for each specialty

5-not to increase the age of the applicant for ( 24 ) years and are calculated up to 1/10

6-subject to all the students and test takers for all colleges and cases Referring to the controls below and determine the proportion of the competition are

 (70%) of the total score for competition in junior high school student

 (30%) of the test score

- Required to accept an advanced student success in the test

7-students are entitled to the first and second rounds Altaatkadim from 1 /8 to 31 / 8

8-send the lists of candidates for admission to universities central admissions in the department of studies , planning and follow-up no later than (15 /9)

9-deducted ( 5 ) grades for each lesson the student tested in the second Alddor the Preparatory phase and for any reason whatsoever that the opponent does not exceed ( 15 ) degrees


* admission to the college of Physical Education and Physical Education sections

1-Acceptance of students graduates from the scientific and literary branches that no less Mjamiahm than (420) of any by getting alleged rate (60%) for the rest of the faculties of Physical Education

2-that the ratio of students accepted acceptance of the plan are as follows:

 (60%) of the scientific section

 (30%) of the literary section

 (10%) of section vocational

3-have to accept the three professional school students on professional Preparatory School in Iraq , taking into account what is stated in paragraph (2)

( ( ( ( Mlazh , did not specify the total student who accepts ))))


*Accept students from middle school graduates professional / branch of Applied Arts in Sports sections Children and Family Life Education in Basic Education colleges that not more than (20 % ) of the Plan of acceptance in the section


*Accept Olympic Committee candidates in the colleges and Athagsam Physical Education


1-not be less than the total student (420) of the two branches of scientific and literary any rate to get the rate (60% ) and not be less than the total student branch of occupational (520) of any by getting rate (65%) of the cases described in (2 1,2,3,4) just below


2-Acceptance rate ( 5 % ) of the Plan for admission to a college or a section of the total number of students admitted to an exception from the requirement and the rate at which meet

The following conditions

1-players Almsarcn the in one of the recent Olympic events

2-Players holders of first place , and even sixth place in one of the international tournaments accredited to the International Federation of the game the last two seasons

3-Players holders of first place , and even sixth place in one of the Asian tournaments AFC accredited to the game the last two seasons

4-Players holders of first place and even third place in one of the Arab Leagues accredited to the Arab Union of the game for the last two seasons

5-Players holders for first place , second and third in the championship on the level of Iraq , Iraqi or championship Republic that are held under the supervision of the Central Union on for the last two games seasonal

6-Players who got their teams for first place , second and third in the Premier League or the Championship of the Republic to be held under the supervision of the Central Union on for the difference games for the last two seasons

7-the national team players for all groups who are paid salary from the Olympic Committee for a continuous period of not less than ( 6) months of the last two seasons

8-Players League clubs diameter or the Republic Championship last season

9-Nobel ranked first in the country school courses in favor of a letter from the Directorates of Education in Baghdad and the provinces and the ratification of the Ministry of Education

10-to prove that the official books of the Iraqi National Olympic Committee Secretariat Office and is checking the health of issuance of these books from the relevant authorities

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