Branch of individual Games

The opening of the branch individual games for the academic year 2015-2016 at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science - University of Kufa. Mr. and assigned a teacher, Dr. (Haidar Fayad al-Amiri), headed by branch and Mr. Assistant Teacher (Ali Sadiq Sahlawi) as Rapporteur of the branch, and Section individual games that fall within its jurisdiction, such as track and field and gymnastics, fencing, wrestling, boxing, tennis, swimming and weightlifting and fitness as well as it has a branch group of distinguished professors well-known on the local and regional level, there is in this branch facility and sports halls equipped with the latest equipment and tools that serve the educational process.


It looks individual games branch at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences / University of Kufa to be from within the scientific and practical branches accredited Arab and international levels by improving the scientific and cognitive level of practice and be the section leader in the field of scientific research to serve the Iraqi society and the Arab world. Moreover, it works to develop future educational knowledge and its application with respect to the teacher and the learner.


The message

The preparation of the scientific quality of cadres qualified and specialized in the field of physical education and sports science to contribute to the upgrading of school sport and the health of the community as well as the preparation of researchers in the field of sports science to improve the Iraqi sports movement and at different levels.



1. The number of teaching staff and training possesses high capabilities in the sports fields.

2. create the cadres to work within government ministries and non-governmental institutions.

3. provide students with different science in all disciplines through keep pace with progress in developed countries.

4. number generation Loader faith and patriotism in order to be leaders in the future in the service of society.

5. communication with the ministries and institutions, sports clubs through the establishment of training seminars and arbitrary mathematical and seminars related to the latest developments on the sports arena.

6. Contribute to the development of independent sports programs for individual sports reality games.

7. encourage scientific research through the work of faculty research pertaining to the sports field for individual games and disseminate the results to the beneficiaries.

8. Detection and individual sponsorship and provide all facilities by upgrading talent.

9. contribute to the development of sports in the curricula of individual games.

MD Haider Fayyad Hamad Al Ameri - Prime individual branch Games

MM Ali Shakir Sadiq Sahlawi - rapporteur individual branch Games

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