Department of Theory Sciences

Established theoretical branch of science since the beginning of the establishment of college in 2008 was chaired by the branch at the beginning of its establishment Dr. Adel Mohamed astonished

The branch aims to prepare the students through scientific modules contained in section lessons. Thus the student should be familiar with this aspect of the knowledge of the mathematical sciences applications that help in the process and non-process as well as college and university service.


Theoretical branch of science objectives:

1-Branch programs enable students to develop their talent and scientific ideas and filling the needs of the community and the province in particular

2-continued development of faculty members by signing up for conferences and symposia and seminars for the branch

3-To support and encourage cooperation with other branches in the area of scientific research

4-provide an opportunity for students that deepens know in theoretical science and look at the East of proper scientific research

5-to provide the level of sophisticated and distinctive in undergraduate teaching and the use of innovative teaching methods

6-Preparation of specialists in the field of Physical Education.

Mission theoretical branch of science

Create a generation of teaching physical education and transmits the information to develop outside the college in intellectual excellence is open to the community and its customs and traditions, and keep abreast of developments in the field of Physical Education.


Theoretical Branch of science Branch seeks theoretical science that offers the best in Iraq, the scientific theory and teaching materials puts all his time to maintain the level of scientific and community service towards progress and prosperity and to be distinguished in the field of creativity.

Word: Dean

The University of Kufa from prestigious universities in Iraq and its echo great at the scientific level because of its professors and teachers are competent and infrastructure where the university started a number of colleges and continued increasing in open more than one college and a new section was our hope to be a Physical Education College luck in this university like universities other Thus dream came true athletes in the province of Najaf, the opening of the Faculty of Physical Education in 2008 and we were one of my teaching this college and determination with our brothers teaching staff that make this college level scientific, cultural and practical, which raises the level of our students dear, and so was created more than a sports hall purpose of implementation of practical lessons and create a playground dedicated to the college with the construction of classrooms for theory lessons in addition to the establishment of the infrastructure requirements. It was also to attract faculty holding advanced degrees, according to their specialty, and we still have great ambition to develop and expand the upgrading of scientific and cultural levels and process for our college and reconciled to God.

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