Department of Team Sciences

In the early establishment of the Faculty of Physical Education, there were several branches of scientific and branch prestige among these branches has been named branch individual games in 2008 and after a committee met Deans change branches to the branch of Team science and theory rather than labels past and now the branch works to the fullest and made several practical and scientific activities in arriving to many of the results at the level of Iraqi universities.


1-Preparation of distinguished students at the university level Iraqi and international markets prepare distinct.
2-for schools in the province of Najaf.
3-create features rooms with modern equipment.
4-the creation of a cadre of teaching all stages and all subjects.
5-the work of scientific and experimental workshops attract experts 6-from the outside Iraq.


The branch of Applied Sciences seeks to be one of the distinct branches in the scientific side and the experimental scoring points cadres sports that can create a generation represents the Faculty of Physical Education in Iraqi society Napoleon represented a real and serve and defend the country's science and knowledge.


Team Science is trying to branch realizes that what is developed in the world and the transfer of cutting-edge science to college. The generated convictions that are on behalf of the Faculty of Physical Education (Sports Science) keep up with the developed world.

Dean word:

At the time , which was founded by the Faculty of Physical Education embraced today's outstanding students , whether at sports or scientific research. From this standpoint was the Faculty of Physical Education votes from among the colleges where our college characterized by obtaining several tournaments. The scientific aspect has organized several seminars and training courses. So today we have the ability establishment of several scientific conferences and hosting international tournaments . The branch of applied science a large area in the college administration of festivals , seminars and continuing episodes of the seminar of the masters of faculty and follow-up a cadre of Applied Sciences in their duties as well as what is Newbie process of teaching and attract some lecturers from outside the university and provide all the requirements of the teaching process and training of service ( internal and external devices process) as well as the preparation of sports teams to participate in tournaments and attending conferences universities inside and outside the university and the active participation of the branch at the local level to universities and the selection of many energies that represented the university in international forums.

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