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 Duties of the Division of Quality in college :\

 - College formulate a vision, mission and objectives to conduct self-evaluation, report writing, and make recommendations that would raise the level of college.

- Seminars for the deployment of a culture of quality in college.

- Create databases , and an update on the college.

- Make the process of evaluating the performance of teachers and staff at the college, archiving and making the process of assessing the overall performance of the college annual.

- Publishing special reports on the college Web site, the private college.

- - Seminars, lectures and workshops quality in cooperation with the Committee for Continuing Education and documenting achievements, conferences and events held by the College electronically.

- Plans college in different directions.

- Conducting faculty evaluation from the perspective of students .

- - Hosting seminars, workshops and courses held by the Department of Quality Assurance in the presidency of the University of Kufa and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. .

- Prepare your guide Faculty of Physical Education , and evidence of acceptance and guide the library and guide scientific laboratories .


Quality Division goals in college :

- Ensure that continuous improvement in quality.

- The provision of teaching staff and the provision of classrooms and playgrounds.

 - Recognize the importance of time and work on independence as a major supplier of quality.

 - Adopting the philosophy of error prevention and not just focus on the detection and correction processes and not blame individuals.

- Intelligent use of information technology and the presence of any base and integrated design educational programs and seminars in order to with the needs of the times.

- The integration of educational programs for different branches over the years to study the initial phases of the upper , on the grounds that the good preparation of students contribute to the rehabilitation of the next stages

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