About Faculty


See our college stems from the absolute belief that sports and physical education are complementary to breed and develop individual energies and talent in order to keep pace with the developments of modern knowledge and reflect the true face of the evolution of communities and individuals through the application of theoretical and practical programs for all sports science.


Lay the foundations of education field applications and theory of science and mathematical skills of its members from the college and faculty, and supplement the the cadre academic community specialist performs the duties of educational and teaching within the community and interact with.


*Rehabilitation Specialist academic staff in the areas of teaching and training for their investment in schools and forums and sports clubs.

*contribute effectively to refine and sports cadres in other sports institutions through open tariff sessions - education – training.

*create supplies and equipment, stadiums, gymnasiums and scientific laboratories to support a learning environment that is open to all university students and various segments of society.

*motivate teachers and students and encourage them to reach their destination professional and personal to the graduate program in the future.

*to stimulate and avoidance international industry to participate in the Olympics and world championships.

*the establishment of international sports festival so as to reverse the cultures and customs and the development of our country in various fields of science.


Faculty of Physical Education was founded in 2008 and the number of existing partitions when established (5) branches and the first Dean of the College. D. Mohammad Qasim Hassan Khaqani that the nature of the specialization college humane and open ranging Forums college and one after the other according to the dates established:

Theoretical branch of science 2008

Individual branch of science 2008

Branch individual games 2008

Branch Psychological Science and Education 2008

Health Branch and recreation 2008

And after all the branches were excluded ranging branches of the college to open two branches 

Theoretical branch of science

Applied Sciences Branch

And the certificate granted by the College Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, and the number of years for the initial stages of the study (4) years and the language of instruction is Arabic

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