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The Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences holds a workshop on Biomechanics

The Department of Research and Development organized a workshop entitled “The latest developments in the field of biomechanics”, attended by a scientist of biomechanics (Prof. Dr. Frank Abdel Hadi al-Fadhli) teaching at the University of Baghdad and (AD Adel Mohammed Dahash Al-Atari) and Dr. Haidar Fayyad Hamad Al-Amri) Teaching at the University of Kufa The workshop aimed at the most important modern scientific developments in biomechanics and to benefit from them at all levels and achieve the best athletic achievements at the local, Arab and international levels for these scientific developments. Al-Fadhli mentioned that the science of biomechanics in the human body is an important science of Osteoporosis and muscle contraction Al-Fadhli stressed the contribution of seven devices in the human body in the performance of kinetic skill such as the skeletal, musculoskeletal, respiratory and periodic, adding to the work of levers in terms of linking strength and speed of motor performance. The workshop was attended by the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs Prof. Dr. Mohsen Abboud Al-Abbadi) and his professors from the Iraqi universities and the Dean of the College (Prof. Dr. Qasim Mohammed Hassan Al-Khakani) and a number of college teachers and graduate students


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