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A workshop on blended education at the University of Kufa

In an initiative that is not the first of its kind, but of great scientific value, and within the series of scientific achievements that are held at the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, the theoretical sciences branch, in cooperation with the Information Research and Rehabilitation Center, organized a workshop entitled (Integrated Education at the University of Kufa) in which (Prof. Adel Muhammad Dahsh Al-Athari, Prof. Dr. Ammar Jalawi, Prof. Dr. Khaled Shaker Hussein, Prof. Dr. Ayman Hani Abd, and the programmer Mr. Haider Jawad)
The workshop aimed at the importance of blended learning in light of the Corona pandemic, how to work on the model platform, and the most important services provided on this platform for teachers and students. The workshop also included a mechanism for uploading video lectures, how to record them, and how to design electronic exams for students. The workshop also included the use of the interactive video feature using direct interaction with students.

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