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Teacher published a scientific paper in a scientific journal in SCOPUS containers

The teacher (Prof. Dr. Mohsen Muhammad Hasan) published a scientific paper entitled (The effect of HIIT exercises on the development of performance endurance and rolling skill of advanced soccer players)) in an international journal within Scopus containers, and the aim of the research was to prepare exercises in a style (HIIT) is for advanced soccer players as well

Learn about the impact of HIIT training on performance endurance, as well as the rolling skill of advanced soccer players. The researcher concluded that HIIT exercises led to an improvement in performance endurance by increasing the activity of muscle cells to dispense more amounts of oxygen as energy and that HIIT exercise help to develop the skill of rolling. Finally, the researcher recommended coaches for teams in sports institutions in youth and sports, coaches for clubs and national teams, to use HIIT exercises in their training curricula because of its positive impact on players. He also recommended adopting the exercises and the curriculum prepared by the researcher as basic data when training soccer players. And the interest in using HIIT exercises according to scientific training bases to raise the efficiency of physical football players during matches and competitions.

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