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A teacher participates in the Second International Conference on Nanotechnology and Nanoscience at the University of Tehran in Iran

The instructor, Dr. Ali Sadiq Shaker, the teaching at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, participated in the Second International Conference on Nanotechnology and Nanoscience, organized by the University of Tehran in Iran, with a research titled (The effect of using nanotechnology on the technique of mastery learning and retention of the skill clean and jerk for beginners), where he showed that the modern era is characterized by the successive scientific progress that develops all areas of life, through the use of various branches of science and knowledge and the latest methods of technology, and this development has extended to the field of sports in general and the field of sports training , Where nanotechnology has entered into several fields, including sports and the athletes themselves by following up the physiological changes and this occurs through training processes and also the great contribution to the treatment of many diseases and injuries and the possibilities of using the immune cells produced, which are called biology, and this leads to an increase in the work of increasing the immune system When athletes Also, these high technologies have entered into the development, production and innovation of accurate and small modern equipment, tools and physiological devices that can be in the body of the athlete so that he can give a large amount of data where it is in periods of rest and during training and then monitor and monitor the various physiological changes of the athletes from inside and outside Body with nano-technology adhesives They are placed on the surface of the body to directly transmit these variables on computers, and through the use of the two techniques of mastery learning and the preservation of the productions that led to changing the course of the educational training process and addressing the individual differences existing between learners within the scope of formal learning, with these methods the learner can find a solution to the problems that provide the opportunity Him while learning . And that most of the training and educational methods take into account the differences between the players, because all learners are subject to educational training units that are unified, and therefore when they are observed, we have differences in learning and performance capabilities that make the coaches reconsider these methods, and here the problem is manifested as the learners Beginners do not have the ability to master the skill and the speed of forgetfulness, and they mixed the two skills, lifting and skill of the clean and jerk also the researcher presented this study , And through the approach followed in nanotechnology, and the technique of professional learning, the role of the trainer can be considered an important role in the educational process, which leads to the process of resuming the skill, which leads to the preservation of the skill through the approach followed in the skill of nitrousing for novice players and their extent of this skill after a specified period so that he can From achieving the goal. Where the study reached conclusions, which are the approach used, which led to the development of skill and the superiority of the experimental group over the control group in the two methods of mastery learning and retention. The researcher recommends using these methods with other skills

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