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A teacher publishes scientific research in a scientific journal Scopus

Dr. Mahmoud Nasser Radi Al-Kufi, a teacher at the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences / the University of Kufa, published scientific research entitled “The Effect of Dynamic Lactic Exercises on the Maximum Consumption of Oxygen and Endurance of the Peaceful Shooting of Basketball Players Under 20 Years” in the International Journal within Scopus containers Clavert. Al-Kufi said that the research aimed to prepare dynamic lactic exercises and to identify the effect of exercises on the maximum consumption of oxygen and endurance for the peaceful correction of young players because these two variables have an effective impact on the players’ functional and physical efficiency and its reflection on the results of matches, and concluded during the research that the duration of the independent variable represented by the number of training units It was appropriate in creating adaptations that express the extent of the development of the experimental research group members for the research variables. It is mentioned that the research came out with several recommendations that serve the basketball players, as well as the use of exercises according to the training foundations of the dynamic lactic method to raise the efficiency of anaerobic basketball players during matches and competitions. All the best to Dr. Mahmoud Ali This wonderful scientific achievement is our wish for more giving in the service of our university and our dear country.

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