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A teacher gets a patent

(Professor Dr. Mayassa Abd Ali Kazem), a teaching assistant at the College of Physical Education and the Sports Sciences / University of Kufa, obtained a patent tagged (a fluid mixture exhaust device for vehicles) from the Ministry of Planning, the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control.
The teacher stated that the device was designed to preserve the environment and reduce the emission of toxic gases to the atmosphere from vehicle engines in general. The sound results from the movement of the engine and the acceleration of expelling gases outside the vehicle quickly. The antifreeze is considered “antifreeze.” The antifreeze substance consists of a water compound that contains salts and “ethylene glycol,” which lowers the freezing point of the liquid as it prevents the liquid from freezing or evaporating in all circumstances. It also prevents the interaction of water with the exhaust parts and protects it from evaporation in addition to its resistance to rust and sediment. All the best to Dr. Mayassa for this scientific achievement. We wish her further progress and prosperity in the service of our university and our beloved Iraq.

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