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The college holds a workshop on badminton

The College of Physical Education and the Sports Sciences / the University of Kufa held a workshop entitled Badminton, which was delivered by professors from the Iraqi University (Prof. Dr. Ayman Hani Abd (University of Kufa) The workshop aimed to explain in detail the game of badminton and the reasons that called for practicing this game with an explanation of the technical and legal aspects as well as the most prominent points of difference and similarity with the badminton game that is played inside closed gyms. It is mentioned that the workshop continued For two days on the college gardens in the field.
The workshop was attended by the Dean of the College (Prof. Dr. Adel Mohamed Dahesh Al-Adari) and a number of professors and students of the College. It is noteworthy that the workshop came out with several recommendations that serve the specialists in this game. In this regard, and in conclusion, the Dean of the College thanked the lecturers for all the recent scientific information they provided in this game, thanked the attendance of the professors and their trouble to travel, praying to God Almighty to grant success to all.

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