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A teacher publishes scientific research in a Journal within Scopus containers

Dr. Mahmoud Nasser Radhi published scientific research entitled (The Effect of Combined High-Intensity Interval Training Exercises on Some of the Technical Skills and Endurance of Performance for Advanced Futsal Players) in the (Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology), an international journal within Scopus containers. The importance of the research lies in scientifically preparing a complex of high-intensity interval training, as researchers believe that it affects some technical skills that are directly involved to endurance the performance of futsal players. As for the research problem: Through the experience of field researchers, they noticed that there is a noticeable decrease in the performance of skills in the second half and in the matches in which the level of technical performance is very high, and this decrease leads to slow movement to take the right place during the performance of those skills, the researchers believe that the reason for this is that these skills do not receive their adequate share of training in a manner consistent with the nature of their performance

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