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A teacher publishes a scientific research in a scientific journal Scopus

The teacher, Dr. Meqdam Abdulkadhim Raheema, published scientific research entitled (The Effect of Weights and Rubber Ropes Exercises on Developing Special Abilities and Improving Achievement for Beginners in the 100m Race) in the Journal of Positive School Psychology, an international journal within Scopus containers.

 The objective of the study was to prepare exercises for developing special capabilities (weightlifting, rubber clothing), and determining the influence of the exercises on the achievements of younger runners, who were 100m, in which the researchers employed the experimental approach (and the creation of two equal experimental groups with pre/ post-test). The study has selected young riders (16-17) and (7) players for the 100m sprint competition. For the research experiment, they were divided by three players for each of the first (weight) and second (rubber ropes) experimental groups, each with a total of (18) trials per player and representation of young riders at the 100-meter sprint competition in the central region of the Euphrates. The data were extracted after statistical treatment after the test and measurement of the research variables. The researchers came up with several results, the main ones being:

o Weight training was more beneficial than (rubber rope) workouts to develop leg strength with speed and explosive ability and boost competition performance.

o There are no significant differences in building the strength characteristic of the quick arms for (100) m junior runners between (weightlifting) and (rubber rope) activities.

Then the researchers recommended:

o The coaches of speed competitions must use appropriate exercises that effectively develop the special abilities and improve the runners’ achievement.

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