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Role conflict and its relationship to performance evaluation of first-class volleyball referees for the Middle Euphrates region

Sports activities are diverse, and each sports activity has its own psychological requirements that are unique to it from other sports activities, whether with regard to the nature, components or contents of the activity, or with regard to the nature of the motor skills or the tactical abilities required for its implementation, and the game of volleyball is one of the games whose spread is greatly developing The increasing number of its practitioners and its audience, and because the development of the game is one of the most important goals of the International Federation by paying attention to the technical aspect of the large number of tournaments and for all age groups, as well as paying attention to the legal aspect of the game through the continuous development of the referees and the start of their numbers at early ages like the players, and the development of the referees is not an easy thing for what it includes The development process is one of many requirements for the cognitive, physical and psychological aspects as well as the personal aspects of governance, and psychological factors mean “the ability to invest in physical, functional and kinetic characteristics according to the degree of effort needed by the concerned sport.” There is a need to work in order to reduce and avoid psychological disorders resulting from the pressures of sports competition, in addition to reducing tension, which makes the responses more effective and easy, and the referee performs his duties to the fullest. The extent to which the performance evaluation is related to the conflict of roles they have, and the problem of the research lies in that the referees of volleyball matches bear great effort through the atmosphere of the match and the psychological pressures and duties assigned to them according to their positions in those matches, as well as “the rest of the roles including (personal_professional-social) And the conflict between those roles and its relationship to the evaluation of their performance, and one of the objectives of the research is to identify the correlation between the conflict of roles and the evaluation of the performance of the rulers of the first class in volleyball in the Middle Euphrates, and assuming one research that the conflict of roles has a positive impact in evaluating the performance of the first-class referees in volleyball in the Middle Euphrates, and the approach was adopted Descriptive survey method and correlational relationships, and thus research is a means of inquiry and systematic investigation and The accuracy that researchers do in order to reveal new information or relationships, as well as to develop, correct or achieve the information that already exists, and this was done by preparing the role conflict scale and a form evaluating the performance of the judges, and after obtaining the results, they were processed statistically through the use of the statistical bag ( SPSS). The most important conclusions reached by the researchers for the role-conflict variable have a (slight) effect on evaluating the performance of first-class referees in volleyball.

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