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A master’s thesis in the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences discusses (the effect of small side games (S.S.G) in developing peripheral perception and motor abilities and learning some basic football skills for halls for the Najaf breeding team)

At the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, University of Kufa, a master’s thesis was discussed by the researcher (Zaid Ali Hashem) and tagged (The Effect of Small Side Games (S.S.G) in the Development of Peripheral Perception and Movement Abilities and Learning Some Basic Football Skills for Gyms for …

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A teacher participates in a scientific conference in (Vancouver – Canada) as part of a research team with professors from the College of Engineering at our university

(Prof. Ammar Makki Ali Al-Najm) Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs in the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at the University of Kufa participated in a scientific research entitled (A circular force analysis platform developed to measure and analyze the throwing forces and the resulting displacement due to rotation) …

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